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The artist behind Crypto Carnies is affectionately known to the NFT community as carnie/carnies. Carnie grew up in British Columbia, Canada. She went to art school/university in Vancouver BC.

She has always been fascinated by the surreal, odd and bizarre. When Carnie came up with the idea for carnies she had an ah-ha moment. She wanted to make something gross, twisted and full of toxic ooze.

As a child she loved garbage pail kids, ninja turtles, biker mice from mars and the toxic avengers. She wanted to give the same vibe to this project and create a fun and peculiar community that would leave people wanting more. She currently works as an art director in film and enjoys making art, going to shows, travelling and exploring.

The dream is to spend all her time making CARNIE TOWN a wild an strange adventure into the internet! Find her twitter @CCarnies