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Once upon a time Carnie Town was just your average circus. That all changed one day when a toxic spill broke out at the carnival. Carnies and circus-goers began mutating. This place of fun and games quickly became a dangerous waste land of mutants and monsters. Many of the carnies went to hide in the sewer to find refuge only to their demise.. The toxic ooze had followed them down the drain affecting each and every one of them in a different way. Their brains were affected by radioactive urinal cakes and cotton candy. After a long year of hiding in the sewers the carnies and circus-goers had an itch to resurface. four major groups emerged from the spill...

Welcome to CARNIE TOWN! A collection of whacky circus characters


Lab Experiments

a Carnie a Carnie

The lab experiments came from a genetic research facility. They wander around in a daze and seem as though they're missing half of their brain.


a Carnie a Carnie

The Goons are mutated employees that spent too much time in the toxic ooze. They're more defiant than they used to be. They like to party!


a Carnie a Carnie

These little guys were plush toys at the circus. The toxic ooze brought them to life and they're so MUCH trouble.


a Carnie a Carnie

The Goobers came from the sewer. A regular diet of sewer sludge and bong tokes have left these buds with bad breath. Gross!

As the creators of Carnie Town, our hope is to foster a creative community. We want to bring all kinds of creators together in one place. Whether you are an illustrator, musician, 3D artist, animator, deranged hobbyist, or even just a MEME Lord, we are happy to have you at Carnie Town. We will be sharing digital assets with community members and teaching people the tools and tricks we use to bring carnies to life. However, it’s truly up to you to make the community an awesome place.

Be nice to others, have fun, be cool, and stay weird, folks.

There are two ways to become a member of the CARNIE TOWN community!

You can either subscribe to our patreon to get access to the community discord
(coming soon)


If you own any CARNIE ART one of one NFTs you can VERIFY OWNERSHIP in our discord and use that NFT to become a PERPETUAL MEMBER OF CARNIE TOWN.

additional perks will be unlocked for community members including a private community chat room, early and exclusive access to carnie assets and behind the scenes content, and special items in our MERCH STORE

You can MINT a new Carnie Town NFT while supplies last!

Your NFT can also be sold at any point on any open marketplace and the new owner will take over the membership! Pretty cool!

The website your on now will have additions made here and there over time. Its really just the two of us working on this as our passion project so you'll need to be patient!

We're working on it, and much more!

Something we will be adding in the future is the 3D space for the TV section. We imagine a place you can enter and maybe run into another Carnie on a couch, in space, and watch the new episodes together.

for more info check out our ROADMAP



Thanks to that delightful toxic ooze, carnies now have a few *extra* features. Extra eyes? Check. Extra arms? Absolutely. Legs in all the wrong places? You bet. If you see someone who looks like they spent to much time on the wrong side of the microwave, you might of hit the jackpot.


Carnies have a distinct walk, that sort of walk you only see when a person has lived their life on the carnival rides. It’s a shuffle, a hobble, and a jig all rolled into one. If it looks like they’re dancing to music only they can hear, and their clunking around like frankensteins had a beer, that’s your carnie strut.


They stink like they've been working hard or hardly working! Imagine the pungent aroma of stale pizza pockets, candy worms, and beef jerky that's been left out in the sun. If you catch a whiff and feel your nose hairs curl, you may have found your self a carnie.


Creative, strange, and slightly deranged. Carnies love to slack off, but when they dream, they dream big – You can tell something odd is going on up there but you cant quite put your finger on it. They always seem to be up to something wierd. Its in the nature of a carnie to be a D.I.Y. kinda folk and theres no stopping them when there in the zone!


Carnies have their own funny language, a mix of rhyming, slang, and carnival jargon. If you hear someone holler 'bout "grabbin' the brass ring" or "riding the whip," don't be puzzled. Just dive in, grab a corndog, and join the revelry, the big top awaits you. If you’re left scratching your head, unsure of whats been said, you may be talking to a carnie!

Meet the Creators
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Carnie Town
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