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The Developer

The developer working on Crypto Carnies is known to some in the NFT community as PTV or Pyscho Television. PTV met Carnies in 2016 and has been scanning her brain for alien DNA ever since. So far no findings BUT the truth is out there.

PTV tried to put these past few years to use while in isolation developing some new skill sets. He had used a good chunk of that time learning about 3D modeling/sculpting/design. These days he occasionally works on designing/programing for 5 axis CNC machines and 3D printers.

He has been fascinated by the possiblities with NFTs. Over this last year he's spent his time learning how to develop for web 3 in plans to team up with Crypto Carnies and bring you Carnie Town!

You can find his twitter @PsychoTV13 to hear more from him about the project!